Psalm 2022


Psalm 2022

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It has been more than a year since Russia invaded Ukraine and the unstable times for all the Europe started. But especially - for Ukrainians. More than 140 000 ruined houses. Thousands of families left with no homes. Kids left with no parents. And parents - with no means to survive. Ukraine keeps fighting. Every single day - it proves the rules of Synergy and pictures how the unity of many create the effusive power. We dance together. We feel together. And we are willing to unite and help those who are affected by the war and are suffering now. "Synergie" is the project of joined forces between Vibronica Festival and French collectives that results in a release of music coming from talented Ukrainian producers. This song by Vidur is an official remix of Ukrainian psalm signing by DREVO - The song's name is "Dyvnaia hodyna po vsim sviti stala" which translates as "It's being a strange hour all over the world" Was recorded by Yevhen Yefremov and Tatiana Sopilka in the village of Bobryk Hadyatsky district, Poltava region, Ukraine and released on the CD "Paradise has developed" in 2001. Performed by the group "Drevo" in the composition of: Tetyana Sopilka (vocals and upper voice), Iryna Klymenko, Yevhen Efremov, Petro Tovstuha, Susanna Karpenko, Roman Yenenko. The money from this release will be split between the artists and Ukrainian charity fund ONUKY. Together with ONUKY team we will send the money to support a specific mission : - to provide humanitarian help to relocated families with kids affected by Russian aggression in Ukraine - by covering their first-necessity means after the abrupt relocation: food, hygiene products and medicine To support the crowdfunding - click here Learn more about ONUKY charity fund - Learn more about Vidur - Learn more about Vibronica Festival - Cover art by Mariia Gordiichuk - Mastering by Eternal Moment -


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    April 6, 2023
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