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This project was born on the water. Indé.studio is a creative studio, based on shared inspiration, artistic experimentation, human crossings, created by two sisters: Albane and Eugénie Drion. This is the result of our first artistic residency on a Ponant boat, gathering dancers (Eugénie, Isaac Lopes Gomes and Tristan Ridel) on a music of Worakls, filmed and directed by Albane. We decided to make it an NFT, like a window. With a short preview, it allows you to support the young creation and the Maud Fontenoy Foundation, which works for the protection of the oceans. This project is about a journey. A journey through a vision, a music, a dance and places. The clip was filmed in Greece and Turkey, it was made from the emotions generated by the people we met, the landscapes we saw, which moved us. These few seconds are the key to the whole project, the access to the music, the film and some exclusive contents. It's a crossroad between art (film, dance, music), travel (cruise, movement through art) and technology (NFT, advanced ships, artistic treatment on visuals) and the beginning of something, a collective, memories, a way of seeing things, experimenting, sharing. Projects are to come, we want to expand our vision and continue to be inspired, to create, to grow. A big thank you to Worakls for his support on this project, his track 54, Thanks to Isaac and Tristan, for their beautiful souls, the laughter, and the crazy images engraved in their bodies, Thanks to Ponant for this dream residency, and thanks to you and your support ! A&E


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    April 13, 2023
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