Pianity Lesson PT.1


Pianity Lesson PT.1

About the song

I don’t really know how to play the piano. I missed my classes because I thought playing football with my friends was way more fun. And I was probably right, . but I regret it a bit, not paying attention to such a cool thing as a piano and all it’s magic. Recently I bought an electric piano as a gift for my wife and when randomly playing on it I made something I felt was beautiful and worth recording. These Pianity Lessons Pt.1 and Pt.2 are the original recordings (slightly off tempo and with sweet minor human mistakes) being tested with other minimal elements. Two parts that completed with beats and rhythm elements ended up being a song for a ton of dance floors around the world. Part 1 evolves around a deep minor D chord, I build around it with a jammy melancholic melody. Part 2 starts on the same minor D chord but it skips melancholia in favor of a chord progression that induces hopefulness and eventually euphoria.

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    November 9, 2021
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