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From a young age, I wanted to be a musician (or a train operator), but since learning music requires time and effort, I often opted to just go and play around with the other kids outside. One day I asked my parents for a skateboard; they weren’t happy with the idea, but they still gave me one. One evening in June, I went for a ride after dinner and came back home shortly after with an open arm fracture. After two surgeries, I declared my skateboard career over. I had a long summer ahead of me with a broken arm: no playing around outside with my friends, no beach... nothing. My doctor told me I should start exercising my fingers so that my arm wouldn’t be numb. And that’s when I looked into learning music again... Playing the old guitar that was left for dead in my bedroom for a few years. This musical piece takes you back to the genesis of my career: The day Skateboarding changed my life, forever. Unlockable Content: This unique item allows the holder to redeem the GENESIS BOARD. The exact same board on which Bruno broke his arm when he was a kid, and created the XINOBI legacy

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