Trust The Process (Daddy Squad Remix)


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After releasing their debut collaboration with ‘Trust The Process’ and ‘Out Of Control’, which both have been smashing the dancefloors worldwide over the second half of the year. Bonnie Spacey and Franz Matthews strike again on HIFI/LOFI Records by releasing the second part of their ‘Trust, Process, Control’ EP with 2 stunning remixes of masters Daddy Squad and Phunkadelica, which ought to make Giorgio Moroder wonder if his famed arpeggiated synths haven’t made kids behind his back. Andrew Armstrong aka Daddy Squad kicks things off with what could be modern version of a Studio 54 disco banger, progressively building from an engaging arpeggiated synth base to then bring a sweetening touch to Bonnie and Franz’s vocals, the track really unfolds in a festival of epic synth brass stabs that are sure to get any dancing crowd higher than her highness making it to the peak of the mount Everest. Who said ‘Italo only has one flavour’ ? Nobody actually. But what we know, is that this revision is brilliantly reinterpreting the original in its very own way, and we can’t to see you to enjoy them on the dancefloor, at home, on a cosmic spaceship, wherever!


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Bonnie Spacey



Franz Matthews


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    February 6, 2024
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