Trust The Process


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When a poster girl of Dark Disco and a defender of Indie Dance with a spiritual twist unite, the result can only be explosive. Marseille-based producer Bonnie Spacey and Berlin-based Franz Matthews just did that with their ‘Trust, Process, Control’ EP, delivering us two timeless dancefloor bombs that are sure to set every stage on fire, proudly introduced to you by HIFI/ LOFI Records. ‘Trust The Process’ kicks things off with a steady and infectious groove of playful synths and reverberated drums until Bonnie & Franz’ smooth and effected vocals enter the stage, reminding us in the simplest and catchiest way to have faith in ourself and trust the process of everything we do, in other words, to Just Do it as a famous sneaker brand would say. But things don’t stop here, as the second part of the track brings us in a nasty Acid zone you will never get enough of, French Indie Dance is still as its best so to say.


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Franz Matthews



Bonnie Spacey



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    July 27, 2023
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