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Originally released on 3ToThe3rdMusic's V.A. Optional Essentials Vol. 4 – EP 2 ;​ June 24, 2022 Written and produced by Mateo Relief in june 2022. Mateo Relief / Mister X5 is a double-sided solo project, sort of "Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde". Mateo Relief has shown a mental, serene and rythmical side while Mister X5 rather evolved in a dark and melancholic mood. Mateo fell, as a young kid, into Jean Michel Jarre, Pink Floyd, ELP, Kitaro, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Deep Forest, Brian Eno, Klaus Schulze & many others, thanks to a music-lover and record collector Dad. In 1998 he fell in love with the world of synthesis with Korg machines and the early music software on computers. In 2003, the "Mister X5" character was born to produce dark experimental ambient. Under this alias he will release a few EPs, one in collaboration with cyberpunk artist Kenji Siratori. Also influenced by Detroit Techno, Berlin deep minimal Techno, and the label Warp, he started making tracks with more beats as "Mateo Relief". This track "Paràkletos" is kind of breaking the rules, as if a Mister X5 track was released under Mateo Relief's alias. A majestic ambient scenery — with some reminiscence of Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for Passion, The Last Temptation of Christ — builds up with maestria, telling the story of the last minutes of a soul's earthly lifetime when leaving the physical body before reincarnation.


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    April 5, 2023
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