Love in CMYK (Colorful Breeze)

Love in CMYK (Colorful Breeze)

About the song

I saw you go by for the first time and I felt that I had seen you infinite times in my life, I don't know if in the past or if it was simply a memory of something beautiful that we had in the future. Anyway, strange things about love, the universe, time and space that we will never know... They say that "Love is in the air"... and all this began as a colorful breeze that embraced me and then became a gust that aroused intense emotions (that's how this love song came about), to end up in a tornado that It has almost destroyed me, but it made me understand that my heart and soul were still alive... Thanks to you, thanks to the universe and how inexplicable and magical love is... You and me...


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    September 18, 2023
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