Parallells & Maalem Omar Hayat : MOGA Original Creation Live at NFC

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Since its creation in Essaouira in 2016, MOGA festival has set up collaborative projects with electronic artists and traditional Moroccan musicians. Five days prior to the event every year, the artists go into the studio, get to know each other, discover each other's art and create original music that they play LIVE during the festival. The latest creation in 2019, was the result of the encounter between The Maalem Omar Hayat and the Parallells. An amazing shock of energy, music and culture that we decided to re-create during the Non Fungible Conference, with a live showcase.Combining real world musical experiences with web 3.0, the artists' collaborative work is mixed, mastered and minted as an NFT overnight.


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    April 5, 2022
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