Mediterranean Blues

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"Mediterranean Blues" is Sarkis Ricci's first piano solo Album. The album embarks upon a musical journey in the past, between the Mediterranean shores of Greece and Anatolia. Sarkis decided to isolate in winter 2019, on the island of Corfu for a musical retreat. During this residence he wrote "Mediterranean Blues", which combines both old and recent compositions. He says: "Music has no borders. It is a permanent exchange between humans and cultures. 'The Boat' represents the connection between those cultures and the people, while the sea symbolizes an untraceable border. This is the story of my ancestors and  my cultural heritage". The visual accompaniment was generated by an AI using recent advances in text-to-image synthesis. The deep learning models are meditating on the album's theme "Mediterranean Blues."

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Sarkis Ricci



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    May 4, 2021
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