Seva M


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Do you like fruit salads? Mango, papaya, apple, banana, yogurt. Yum! So many reasons to celebrate: joining the web3 musicians’ community, running deep-dive music platforms reviews, learning about music distribution, and the list goes on. Pianity just finished an adventurous and rewarding sprint on Crew3 that added so much excitement to my day. Snapshot of when this track was written (Aug’22): Identified music as my ikigai, as opposed to day job. WAGMI. My two daughters go to school and kindergarten, brother’s birthday, I launched Web3 Music Academy (hence W3MA) - Thanks to Dani, who helped me bring my production gear back to life! Enjoy listening to it, and give up some votes if you like it!

Hip Hop/Rap

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Seva M



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    December 17, 2022
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