Orange Clouds

Orange Clouds

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If you’ve had anything to do with underground music over the last two decades, it’s unlikely that your ears will not have crossed paths with the sonic handiwork work of Tom Gillieron. Despite an aversion to publicity, Gillieron, as he is known to friends, has become internationally renowned as an audio powerhouse to those in the know, and is a minor celebrity, of sorts, in South London; equally in-demand behind smoky speaker stacks as he is in front of high-end mixing consoles. As co-founder of both the Reverberations and Dream Diary imprints, he has also worked tirelessly as a producer, remixer, sound engineer, immersive sound designer, and even, party promoter, since 1994. Touring extensively across Europe, Asia and the Americas as an artist in his own right and as part of the group Various Production (XL Recordings). Gillieron’s live PAs have graced venues as illustrious as Fabric, The End, Chemistry (Amsterdam), Night Town (Rotterdam), The Lotus (Vancouver) and so many more. His work as a mixing and mastering repertoire is no less extensive, working alongside Martyn Ware (Human League), renowned British artist Martin Creed, Ian Pooley, Afriqua, Lawrence Hart, Agama Music and Jessica Winter among many others. For his debut NFT drop, Gillieron is availing ‘Orange Clouds’, a masterpiece of sublime and dubby deep house inspired by an experience with a certain plant medicine from South America, for a handful of lucky collectors. The drop is backed up with an exclusive unlockable, ‘Lies’, an atmospheric journey in stripped down, electronic house music. If you listen carefully, you may even discern a kick drum! Exclusive MINIMALER drop for Pianity


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Tom Gillieron






Vlad Dinu



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    January 15, 2022
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