Arweave Wallet Integrates with MetaMask as a Snap, Bridging Arweave to the World's Leading Ethereum Wallet

Today, in collaboration with Arweave core developers, we proudly unveil the release of Arweave Wallet as a Snap on MetaMask,– the world's most popular Ethereum wallet. This integration will empower millions of MetaMask users to seamlessly access Arweave's decentralized storage network directly through their familiar MetaMask Interface.

Bridging Decentralized Storage with millions of wallets

The integration with the globally acclaimed Ethereum wallet, MetaMask, now offers millions effortless access to Arweave's decentralized storagenetwork. As a MetaMask Snap, Arweave Wallet provides users with a streamlined experience when interacting with decentralized apps (dApps). Users can now sign Arweave transactions, manage Arweave wallets, and enjoy a host of other functionalities. All of this being protected by a simple and secure permission system, putting the user in total control of their assets.

Users can already install Arweave Wallet on the Snap Directory. Notably, when users engage with a dapp integrated with Arweave Wallet without prior installation, MetaMask will intuitively suggest an immediate installation for a smooth experience."

"The permaweb on Arweave unlocks the potential of a truly disintermediated internet: a world of neutral, protocolized information infrastructure that guarantees users’ rights," comments Sam Williams, CEO of Forward Research and founder of Arweave. “This integration is great news for Metamask users, as Arweave is now more accessible to them than ever before.”

The first stone to the Arweave Wallet dApp

Developed by music platform Pianity, Arweave Wallet comes with a comprehensive dApp to enhance compatibility. Soon, it will enable straightforward management of AR token transactions and the viewing of AR balances. Users will also be granted the capability to oversee dApp interactions with the snap and to effectively manage permissions assigned to these dApps. 

A forthcoming update within this release will also incorporate a feature for users to visualize their assets, encompassing items such as NFTs.

"Interoperability of blockchains is essential for more projects to thrive," says Kevin Primicerio, CEO and founder of Pianity. "With this MetaMask's Snap, we're making it incredibly simple for users to interact with dApps on Arweave, enhancing access to decentralized storage and true ownership of digital assets like NFTs."

About Arweave

Arweave is the first protocol that enables permanent data storage. Its design allows anyone to preserve data forever with just a single, one-time fee. The protocol is secured by an open and decentralized network of miners, who store and replicate data in exchange for AR token rewards. These rewards are funded via Arweave’s sustainable endowment.

Explore the permaweb: an unbounded digital realm of pages and applications that exist permanently, hosted on Arweave. Arweave empowers you to unleash your creativity and launch fully decentralized applications on the permaweb with ease. Our comprehensive ecosystem of tools and services are robust, composable, and ready to be molded to fit your vision.

We invite you to join us. Let's build a better web, together.

About Pianity

Pianity is a music platform that's revolutionizing the way artists and fans connect. It allows musicians to create, collect and trade their songs in limited editions, while providing fans with a platform to showcase their music collections and engage with their favorite artist

Pianity's approach emphasizes the importance of music as art and aims to foster deeper connections between artists and their audiences by giving fans access to exclusive and unique experiences such as private discussion groups with the artist, and the ability to own a one-of-a-kind piece of the music they love.

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