NFT Success: A Case Study of Lazer Boomerang’s Release

50% NFT sold in only one week on his first release

Imagine having your NFT release turning out to be a huge success, selling out lots of units within a couple of hours. Sounds great, right?

Lazer Boomerang's NFT, "Interstellar", has become a real success story for the artist and his label, LIVANA MUSIC, selling 50% of NFTs in the first week of the drop and earning a whopping $600 in two weeks.

Its secret sauce is very simple, and here's how to make it ⬇️

Thanks to no-secret ingredient: multi-channel communication

🔑 "Artists who actively communicate with their fans and involve themselves in the promotion of their own work are more likely to build a loyal fan base and achieve long-term success." - Ryan Leslie, Grammy-nominated artist and entrepreneur.

Recognizing the importance of fan engagement, Lazer Boomerang utilized a multi-pronged communication strategy across seven different platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Discord, LinkedIn, their website, and email) and various formats such as feed posts, stories, story highlights, website articles, and newsletters.

The label began drumming up interest with an announcement of the impending NFT release on March 10, 2023. Throughout the following days, Lazer Boomerang unveiled the name of the release and the artwork/cover, revealed exclusive perks related to the NFT, and provided a thorough explanation of Pianity and why they chose to release an NFT.

1) A 3-week Communication Plan on 7 Platforms & in 5 Formats

StepDate of publicationKey MessageLink to Post
Initial AnnouncementMarch 10th 2023Livana Music and Lazer Boomerang announced their plan to launch their first NFT, leveraging both social and professional networks.Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube
Artwork RevealMarch 13th 2023They shared the name of the release and the artwork, building anticipation and curiosity among their audience.Website, Twitter
Perks RevealMarch 17th 2023Details about the unique perks accompanying the NFT were revealed, adding an additional layer of interest and value for potential collectors.Instagram
Educational ContentMarch 20th 2023In a post titled "What is Pianity?" coupled with a dedicated “NFT” story Highlight on their Instagram account, Livana Music shared their motivation behind the venture and explained the concept of Pianity and NFTs. This educational content demystified the NFT world for their fans, giving them more reason to support the initiative.Website, Instagram Post, Instagram Story
Release teasing and PromotionsMarch 22nd 2023Lazer Boomerang released the NFT and spread the word via various channels, including newsletters and direct texting. This ensured a personalized connection with their audience, providing them with firsthand information about the release.Website, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Website
Progress UpdateMarch 27th 2023An update stating that 50% of the NFTs had been sold was posted. This served to not only keep the community informed but also created a sense of urgency for potential buyers.Instagram, Twitter 1, Twitter 2

2) $600 within two weeks

By strategically communicating and actively engaging with his fans, Lazer Boomerang was able to build excitement but also educate his fanbase about Pianity and the concept of music NFTs. The result? A whopping $600 generated within two weeks of the release.

3) Key Takeaways: The M.I.T.I Model

🔑 M.I.T.I: Messages, Involvement, Timeline, Iteration. 
By following the 4 pillars of this model, they have succeeded in setting up an effective and impactful communication.

👉Their story illustrates the power of community engagement, the potential of innovative platforms like Pianity, and most importantly, the transformative impact of artists taking control of their creative outputs and financial success.