New Changes, More Music: What's Next for Our Artists and Fans

As our community thrives, and the number of talented artists joining our platform continues to soar, we're thrilled to announce significant updates to our track release management and curation systems. This is a monumental shift, putting the power of content management entirely in the hands of our artists. Are you ready for an even richer musical journey?

Empowering Our Artists

Starting today, we're removing all limits on song submissions, inviting our artists to share their creativity unbounded. As you may have understood already, we have officially retired the Toplist from our platform.For our artists, this evolution means newfound freedom:

  • Unrestricted Uploads: Release your tracks anytime, aligning with your creative rhythm and fan interactions.
  • Full Pricing Autonomy: You now have the complete freedom to set your prices, choose scarcity levels, and decide on revenue distribution models that suit your goals.
  • Direct Engagement: More than ever, you're in the driver's seat. Connect with your fans on a deeper level, crafting unique experiences that only you can provide.This update is all about empowerment. It's about giving you, the creators, the space to focus on what truly matters: your music and your fans.

A New Era for Collectors

For our collectors, this means an ever-expanding musical universe:

  • Dynamic Curation: Our community now plays a pivotal role in track moderation and reporting, directly integrated into our marketplace. You're not just collectors; you're curators of this evolving musical landscape.
  • Immediate Access to New Music: With the toplist no longer a gateway, you'll discover fresh tracks as soon as they're released. The marketplace will be buzzing with new sounds every day, offering an unparalleled variety of music.
  • Active Moderation Role: Your participation in maintaining the quality of our marketplace is more crucial than ever. Engage as a moderator, earn leaderboard points for valid reports, and help us cultivate a respectful, inspiring space for music. Remember, your actions as a moderator not only maintain our standards but also contribute to shaping the musical journey for everyone on Pianity.

A Flourishing Marketplace

The goal is clear: a richer, more diverse musical experience for everyone. As artists embrace their freedom, the marketplace will grow more dynamic and diverse by the day. Expect new genres, unexpected collaborations, and unique musical expressions that only a platform like Pianity can provide.

A Continued Commitment

In all these changes, our commitment remains unwavering: to revolutionize the music industry, to empower artists and fans alike, and to ensure that every interaction on Pianity enriches the value of music.Join us in this exciting new chapter. Let's make music matter, together.

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