Revolutionizing Classical Music Sponsorship with NFTs: Churen's Exclusive Release on Pianity

In the ever-evolving realm of music, something extraordinary is unfolding right before our eyes. Pianity, the pioneering force in French music NFTs, is embarking on an innovative journey alongside Bleu Danube, a renowned classical music label. Our shared mission is to bridge the gap between artists and their most ardent fans while revolutionizing the traditional concept of sponsorship through the captivating realm of blockchain technology and NFTs. At the heart of this thrilling collaboration, we proudly introduce the gifted classical pianist from Singapore, Churen Li.
Churen Li

Introducing Churen Li: A Musical Luminary

Churen Li has been hailed by critics as "the closest thing I know to be the 'complete' pianist." At a youthful 27, she is a composer-pianist who has been making waves within the classical music scene. Her remarkable versatility and inventive musical approach have earned her the distinction of being one of Singapore's most thrilling musicians. Notably, Churen holds a Master of Philosophy in Music from Cambridge University and Masters in Music from Yale.

Churen's international career is nothing short of impressive. She has graced the stage with over 100 solo concerts in the 2022-2023 seasons, boldly taking on a diverse range of repertoire, from Chopin to Michael Jackson, and even presenting her own compositions. Notably, she kicked off the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's 2022/23 season with a mesmerizing performance of Grieg's Piano Concerto.

NFTs: A Personalized Sponsorship Experience

Our groundbreaking partnership between Pianity and Bleu Danube is poised to redefine classical music sponsorship, granting fans the unparalleled opportunity to forge a personal connection with their cherished artist. In Churen's own words, "Ephemory is a collection of 5 original piano pieces, each one representing a different place I've lived in. Each of these tracks will be a unique NFT, but also if you want to order something special, I can compose that for you, and it will be yours, never heard before and owned by absolutely nobody else."

What renders this sponsorship truly distinctive is the chance to tailor your support to your desires. Churen extends exclusive perks to each buyer/sponsor, as she eloquently describes: "Whether it's a birthday song, a fantasy rendition of 'Can't Help Falling in Love with You,' or a set of variations on your national anthem, Churen's NFTs offer you the unique opportunity to possess a musical creation like no other."

A New Way to Experience Music

NFTs are dynamically reshaping the way we experience music, and Churen Li passionately shares, "NFT represents a new way for us to redefine what it means to listen, experience, and own a piece of music. Instead of merely streaming your favorite artist's songs online, you can now own a piece of their creative journey."

Save the Date: November 13th

We're excited to announce that Churen's NFT release on Pianity is happening on November 13th. This is your chance to support an extraordinary artist and own a piece of her musical journey.

Meet Churen in Person: November 16th

But the excitement doesn't stop there! If you're in Paris, don't miss the opportunity to meet Churen in person at Cortot on November 16th, where she will enchant you with her captivating piano performance.

The world of classical music is taking a significant step forward, and you're invited to be a part of it. Churen Li, Pianity, and Bleu Danube welcome you to this musical revolution. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of classical music history and experience music like never before.

Churen at Salle Cortot

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