We’re releasing a new amazing feature today by introducing Bounties NFTs: free-to-claim NFTs that artists can distribute to their fans to thank them for their support! As an artist, distributing a bounty is a fantastic way to reward your fans with a unique digital asset while building and engaging your web 3.0 community!

The easiest way to onboard new fans in Web3

We believe that NFTs should be available to everyone, and that anyone should be able to jump into web3 easily. Offering a Bounty NFT is the most simple and grateful way for a fan to jump into web3!

You can also set up any requirements you want for people to be eligible to claim a Bounty! As examples, it can be:

  • A Simple Giveaway -> Just set up the link to share and your fans will be able to claim your Bounty by clicking on it
  • A Digital Contest -> You can set up a series of requirements to be eligible. You can use social media contest tools to help you with it such as https://gleam.io
  • Physical distribution -> You can add your bounty to your physical releases by adding the QR that will enable you fans to claim your Bounty

As a great tool to start building your community, Bounty NFTs are the fastest way to open a Club in our Mobile App. Clubs are enabled for Artists who have at least 100 unique collectors on Pianity. Releasing a Legendary Bounty and sold it out can be the starting point for your Club!

Free but highly valuable

Despite that Bounty NFTs are free to claim, they carry a lot of value. First, because it’s a unique digital collectible that an artist offers to their fans, and because it can be sold on the Secondary Market and generate value. Both the artist and the collectors can make a great profit out of them!

Actually, many NFT projects started on a free-to-mint NFT basis. Among these, is one of the most successful NFT collections: The Cryptopunks! So your Bounty NFT might be the next most valued song on the market! ;)

The first collection of Bounties is out

We’re launching the first collection of Bounties in partnership with Mutek Mexico! 5 Legendaries Editions are to catch, each of these will also grant access to Mutek’ Club in our mobile app!


Learn more about how to release Bounty NFT

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