Paris, October 4, 2022 - Pianity, one of the first music NFT marketplaces unveiled today its mobile application, a single and intuitive app that combines unique ways to discover new artists, listen to music, and deepen the relationship between artists and music fans.

The Pianity mobile app is a revolutionary social music app combining a free streaming service for all, free of ads, and a social messaging app for artists and their fans to share exclusive experiences through private group chats.

The application is available today on Apple App Store and Google Play

The Pianity mobile app offers new ways for artists and fans to enjoy music, but also to join and develop music communities,” said Kevin Primicerio, CEO and co-founder of Pianity. “Web3 tools offer great opportunities for musicians to create value around music and deepen their relationship with their fans. With our mobile app, we aim at providing a one-stop music app standing out from any other app, where artists and music fans gather and take part in the artists’ journey”.

Free streaming for all, without ad

Pianity is a streaming service and app that puts the entire Pianity catalog at your fingertips across your favorite devices, without any cost. You can stream any song and playlists available on Pianity, choose it from your music collection or leave the app to do the work for you and spot new talents through the Discovery mode. While all songs on Pianity are lossless quality and stored forever on the Arweave blockchain, streaming music on Pianity is free for all users, without any ad or subscription plan.

Bringing artists and fans closer together

Pianity mobile app puts at its core a revolutionary in-app messaging system for artists and fans to get together in communities. Through token-gated group chats, the owners of a song automatically join the artists’ Club and engage with them or the other members.

If the collector sells his NFT, the new owner will automatically take his place in the artist’s club and will be able to interact with the other members. Artists can reward their true fans who support them with exclusive experiences such as unreleased songs, backstage access, involve them in the creative process his next project.

Today, 4 artists across the world started to build their NFT community through the mobile app and are releasing new NFTs granting access to their clubs:

NFT-token communities are now accessible to any artist registered on Pianity.

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