This week, our product update is for our artists and record labels! We’ve updated all the song upload process, adding some new features to it: artists are now able to invite each other as collaborators!

Since day 1, our goal has always been to support artists and make they first steps in Web3 as smooth as possible. From the song uploading process to the ability for anyone to buy an NFT with their credit card, we’re building the one-stop platform for artists to jump into Web3.

Co-create, collaborate, co-sell

Artists can now collaborate on the same song! When uploading your song, the first step will be to select the artists who you want to invite to collaborate. You cannot add an artist that is not registered on Pianity, he needs a profile and will have to accept your request in order to be displayed in the collab.

All the artists chosen will appear as authors on the song, and the song will appear on all profiles. And when an NFT is sold, each artist will receive the cut defined in the royalties split.

More control over your rights

The artists collabs are part of the new song upload process. It’s never been easier to submit your song and turn it into digital collectibles! We’ve added some steps in the process for you to have more control over your rights.

You can now fill the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), the unique identifier that is assigned to a song, and choose if the song is an original composition, a cover or a remix and mention all those who worked on the original version when applicable. You also need to confirm you have all the rights to submit this song before doing so.

Finally, through this new process, you’ll have better management of the rights and credits on your song. You can easily customize the Royalties Split with anyone (who has an account on Pianity) and add credits on your song for the artwork artist, the composer, the publisher, etc.

So, what’s going to be your next upload?

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