Cerrone is offering an NFT of his unreleased track "For You" on the occasion of the MID3M+

in celebration of his participation in the new MID3M+ and a special concert in Cannes, Cerrone, disco legend and founding father of the French Touch is releasing his new single "For You", an exclusive NFT (non-fungible token) piece. The NFT artwork will be available in only 1000 editions on the French platform Pianity. For the first time, a performing right-collecting society - Sacem - is integrated into the smart contract and will receive direct royalties related to the title.

The purchase of the song entitles to a limited edition vinyl in 1000 copies. The first 100 will be signed by Marc Cerrone, and each buyer will join the Cerrone Club, which will allow collectors to exchange directly with the artist via Pianity’s mobile application. 

"For you" is available in 1000 copies sold at 40 € on Pianity 

Discover the song

An unreleased piece only available as vinyl and NFT. 

The artist's words: 

I composed "For You" with the desire to find all the musical sensations I have lived in 50 years; to translate all that makes up the universe, emotion and sensuality of Disco. To do this, I chose to record with real musicians (piano, strings and brass section, etc.) which were played live, not forgetting to take advantage of the best recording and production techniques currently available. 

I really made this creation to make this musical journey "For You".


Marc Cerrone 

The first NFT integrating Sacem into the smart contract 

Streaming on the platform is free for everyone, but only 1000 people will be able to own this first NFT from Cerrone. Following the signing of a partnership agreement between Sacem and Pianity in November 2021, for the first time in the music industry, a performing rights collection society is integrated directly into the Smart Contract and will receive directly and totally transparently royalties for rights holders.  

For Cécile Rap-Veber, General Manager of Sacem: “This exceptional release marks the concrete implementation of our alliance with Pianity and our commitment to ensure fair remuneration for artists on new means of music creation and distribution. As an avant-garde and considered as one of the fathers of French Touch, Cerrone once again shows us his capacity to appropriate new forms of expression with this never-before-heard title. It is a world first and a major innovation for the music industry to be integrated into this smart contract”. 

A vinyl and access to the artist's private Club for collectors 

Each collector will receive a vinyl copy of the song, with the first 100 signed by the artist. In addition, the NFT will act as a key access to the Cerrone Club, a private discussion group between collectors and the artist where he will share exclusive content and offer guest list access to his members for future concerts. This Club offers the opportunity for the artist to create a real musical community of engaged fans who can interact with him and each other, and thus participate in the success of the artist.

About Cerrone 

The global disco icon celebrates 50 years of career, he continues today shaping such singular sound influenced by current pop ranging from Dua Lipa to Mark Ronson. A true icon of the 70s he heavily contributed to building the musical revolution of this decade. His first success “Love In C Minor” earned him a Grammy award sold over 3 million copies and kept in the world charts for months. The artist recognized in the USA his song “Supernature” achieved worldwide success enabling him to get top US charts positions. Multi-awarded artist Marc Cerrone keeps touring around the world pursuing his evolution. 

About Pianity 

Pianity is France's first NFT music marketplace where artists and their community come together to create, collect and trade limited edition pieces. Pianity pioneering approach that includes free listening for all and the ability for musicians to turn their songs into NFTs provides artists with a new revenue stream allowing them to become more independent and connect deeper with their fans. Pianity.com  

About Sacem 

In an ever-changing environment, Sacem is committed to creating more value for over 196 000 authors , composers, and publishers who have chosen it to manage their copyrights. Thanks to its territorial coverage, its technological expertise, its ability to negotiate agreements with all broadcasters and digital platforms, as well as its unique social model, it has become one of the world’s leading collective management organizations. It collects copyright royalties in almost 200 countries on behalf of 50 international publishers (Universal Music Publishing, Warner Chappell, Wixen Music Publishing …) as well as foreign copyright collection societies (Socan, Komca, Ascap , Artisjus …).  

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