indé.studio launches its first NFT collection in collaboration with Worakls and Ponant.

The duo Albane and Eugénie Drion are selling their first collection of NFTs in collaboration with Worakls on Pianity. Created following an artist residency on Le Bougainville, one of the ships of the PONANT company, the profits from this sale will be divided equally between the Maud Fontenoy foundation (ocean protection) and the Independanse association (support for creation).

This collection is composed of three editions of NFTs. Each NFT is conceived as a window, an invitation to travel, a few seconds of a clip directed, edited, and directed by Albane Drion, on music by Worakls, with dancers Isaac Lopes Gomes (Paris Opera), Tristan Ridel (formerly of the Vienna Opera) and dancer Eugénie Drion (Paris Opera).The NFTs are the key to the entire clip and exclusive content, including a "Unique" NFT including two concert tickets for Worakls.

Available on Pianity starting April 13th from 15 euros.

1 Unique Edition priced at 120€ including the clip, as well as two concert tickets for Worakls.

10 Legendary Edition priced at 50€, including the clip and a signed pair of pointe shoes.

100 Epic Edition priced at 15€, including the clip and a still image from the clip.

Born on the water, shot between Istanbul and Athens in August 2022, this project is at the intersection of art (dance, film, music), travel (cruise, imagination, projections), and technology (NFTs, advanced ships, artistic treatment on visuals). This is the beginning of a search, a collective, a vision.

A project in support of ocean conservation and artistic creation

In line with the artistic values of the duo, 50% of the profits from the sale of NFTs will be donated to an organization that protects the oceans, the Maud Fontenoy Foundation, while the remaining 50% will be donated to INDEPENDANSE, a non-profit association promoting intercultural young creation around dance. Outside of this project, the dancers and the artistic duo participate in various events, including galas and workshops in France and abroad. Eugénie Drion, a dancer at the Paris Opera and co-founder of the INDEPENDANSE association, uses dance as a medium to bring together various arts, populations, and technologies. Albane Drion, a graduate of Penninghen in artistic direction, uses her talents to serve INDEPENDANSE, whether in filmmaking (clips, short films), photography, or general artistic direction. In addition to her work at the Alliance Française in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), she is interested in the emergence of new artistic opportunities, particularly related to the development of NFTs.

About Indé.studio

Indé.studio is a branch of the Independanse association. Born from a desire for more independent, mobile, and creatively ambitious projects, Eugénie and Albane created this studio by specializing in body movement in the digital space. With each project, their vibrant imagination is realized through mediums such as NFTs, partnerships, and encounters that challenge them to push their creative boundaries.


Explore to inspire: explore to better understand, learn, share, and protect. For 35 years, PONANT has been committed to responsible tourism and exploratory trips that carry meaning. The French-flagged fleet consists of 13 small-capacity ships equipped with the latest environmental technology. With PONANT, exploration is refined, authentic, and a source of inspiration. More information can be found at

About the Maud Fontenoy Foundation

Since 2008, the Maud Fontenoy Foundation, recognized as a public interest organization, has been working in France and internationally to preserve our oceans. It carries out environmental education activities for young people and the general public with the support of scientific partners and the Ministry of National Education, for which it is responsible for Education at Sea and the revival of Sea Classes. Its objective, both ecological and social, is to SAVE THE OCEAN, TO SAVE MAN...

About Pianity

Pianity is the first French platform for musical NFTs. With Pianity, musicians and their community can create, sell, buy, and collect limited edition certified tracks using blockchain technology. By returning music to the status of art, Pianity provides a new source of income for artists, allowing them to be more independent and to live better lives from their passion.

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