ArConnect is now available on Pianity: $100k GIVEWAY for the Arweave community.

We’re proud to announce that you can now sign up on Pianity using your ArConnect wallet. To celebrate this, and as a thank you for your support, we’re glad to do our very first Giveaway for our Arweave family: Sign up using ArConnect and earn Pulses, our token.

Participate in the $100k giveaway

ArConnect x Pianity

Pianity was born in March 2021 during the Open Web Foundry. It has been a blessing to collaborate with the community and the other projects. It allowed us to go faster.

In particular, we’ve always been impressed by the work accomplished by the Verto & ArConnect team. So it’s really an honor to integrate with them and to organize this joint giveaway.

Integrating ArConnect has been on the top of our priority list for a long time. We wanted Pianity to be secure and easily accessible for the whole community. And it’s only a first step to integrate Pianity with other projects.

From now on, you’ll be able to trade NFTs and Pulses using your own secured wallet. Your NFTs are truly yours.

Our first Giveaway. For the community.

This announcement couldn’t come without another: We’re releasing our own token. It’s called Pulse and you will love it.

To celebrate our integration with ArConnect, we decided to do our very first Giveaway exclusively for the community. By following the next few steps you’ll receive Pulses

  • The contest starts today, Tuesday, September 21, and goes until Friday, October 1st at midnight (UTC)
  • Rewards from this activity will be distributed to all the applicants who complete the required tasks.
  • Pulses will be distributed to you up to 14 days after the contest finishes.
  • All rewards will be airdropped directly to winner wallets.
  • To participate in the Giveaway, go to Gleam and follow the steps

What you’ll need to do on Gleam :

  • Download ArConnect
  • Register on using ArConnect
  • Follow @pianity on Twitter
  • Join our Telegram channel
  • Join our Discord server
  • Retweet giveaway tweet ($10 Reward)
  • Get 1–1 rewards for every penny you spend on Pianity (e.g. if you buy $500 worth of NFTs, you get $500 worth of token!)

I already registered on Pianity before ?

Thanks for your early support! You will automatically receive $10 + 1–1 matching of your spending on past AND future spending.

What’s next?

In the coming months, we look forward to sharing more on token uses, release new amazing artist’s NFTs, foster new partnerships, and more.

In the meantime, be sure to join us on our social media channels:


Pianity is the first NFT music platform where musicians and their community can create, sell, buy and collect songs in limited editions, certified through blockchain technology. By giving back to music its art status, Pianity provides a new source of income for artists, allowing them to be more independent and to live better off their passion.

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