Like, curate and share your music collection in Playlists

Get ready for this major update! We’re rolling out two new features today by introducing the Likes and the Playlist features. Artists and collectors can like songs and playlists they love to save them in their profile, and create playlists with the music they own.

Collect, curate, and create your own playlists

Any collector on Pianity can create a playlist with the songs they own. Each song can only be added to one playlist, unless you own various editions or scarcities of the same song. In order to create a playlist and make it public, it needs to contain at least 3 songs. Artists can add their own songs to their playlists without owning any editions.

To set up a playlist, go to your profile and click on the “Playlist” tab, click on the Create Playlist button, then choose the songs you want to add to it and fill in the following information:

  • Name of your playlist
  • Description of your playlist
  • Tags — You can add whatever tags that define your playlist
  • Cover — You can set a custom cover or use an auto-generated one from the playlist’s songs’ covers
  • Private or Public: decide whether to make it visible on your profile, or private.

Keep posted and start creating your playlists, you might become the next best curator!

Like, love, and save your favorite songs

The Like feature allows you to save your favorite songs and playlists directly in your profile. That way, you never lose the gems you discover on Pianity, and easily listen to them whenever you want.

To do so, simply use the ♥ button on any song or playlist, and they’ll be saved in your profile. In it, you’ll find a new tab “likes”, with two sections: Songs and Playlists, where you’ll find everything you like. And besides the ♥, you’ll notice a new orange + button on the songs you own an NFT, which allows you to add a specific song to a playlist directly.

Start creating your playlists

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