Following the success of the 1st edition of the $PIAdventure, we’re glad to launch the second edition: Pound for Pound. From the 16th of February to the 8th of March, enter the game and complete the quests to earn $PIA. For this edition, all the participants will have their XP converted in $PIA.

Discover the quests:

A play-to-earn $PIA contest

From the 1st to the 13th of February, 100 people participated to the King of the Hill Edition and completed over 500 quests, leading to the distribution of more than 20.000 $PIA to the TOP10 participants.

For this new edition, all the participants will have their XP converted in $PIA, no matter their rank on the leaderboard and the number of quests completed. We updated the quests and the recurrence to some of them as well, so read carefully if you participated to the first edition. The daily quests can be claimed once per day, other once per week, once per month, or only once over the contest!

Rewarding the community for their actions

The $PIAdventure aims to strengthen the bonds within our community in a fun way, by rewarding the actions carried out by its members who contribute to the awareness of Pianity.

Many quests will require you to be creative! We’ll valorize the most original content produced and the best ways to reach out to new members. Yet, be careful and follow the rules, some quests can be tricky to validate!

Link your Discord with your Pianity profile

You can now link your discord profile with your Pianity profile to receive your $PIA once the adventure ends. To do so, go to settings in Pianity, enter your Discord handle and follow the steps. In the near future, this will give collectors access to exclusive perks!

How to participate:

Every day, our team will review all the submitted proof and XPs will be credited to your account.



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