Ever wondered how NFTs can help drive change in the outside world?

Besides revolutionizing many industries today, NFTs can also be used as a unique, innovative, and very efficient tool for raising funds for your cause. Collaborate with artists, make exclusive NFT releases, reward your donors, and make the impossible possible.

NFTs are digital tokens that can be thought of as certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets. They are collectible digital items, representing a digital object. On Pianity, NFTs represent limited edition music and provide the keys to access different music communities.

Here’s how NFTs can help you in fundraising for your cause:

1. Create unique collaborations

NFTs have opened new opportunities for artists and organizations to release unique digital collectibles that capture more value. By offering different scarcities and perks attached to each collectible, the value of each item can increase, and collectors are more likely to invest in these one-of-a-kind items.

One of the most notable examples of this on Pianity is our collaboration with the record label Shika Shika on their project "A Guide To The Birdsong." Shika Shika collaborated with musicians and visual artist Ann Lopez to release various NFT collections on Pianity in order to raise funds and awareness for endangered species of birds across the globe.

The project leveraged the range of scarcities available to release both unique NFTs and series of NFTs in three different collections.

a. Auctioning Unique Editions

In September 2022, Shika Shika released a series of 9 Unique NFTs that were auctioned on Everpay for 373 AR (Arweave tokens), which made nearly $5000 at the time. Each of these NFTs was then released on Pianity in Epic Edition (100 NFTs).

b. Leveraging Multiple Editions (Legandary, Epic, and Rare)

Additionally, over the three NFT collections released by Shika Shika, over $30k were raised. The first collection consisted of six Epic Editions (100 NFTs per bird sold for $10) each, which sold out quickly, while the second collection was made up of six Legendary Editions.

Through this project, 100% of the proceeds went to Shika Shika and their initiative, and the project was able to beat their initial goal, raising a total of $32,000. By leveraging the power of NFTs and collaborating with artists, organizations like Shika Shika are able to create unique and valuable projects that not only support important causes but also offer collectors a one-of-a-kind digital collectible.

2. Raise funds in a transparent and efficient way.

NFTs are transparent by nature, as each transaction related to the NFT is recorded on the blockchain and visible to anyone. This means that donors can see exactly where their funds are going and how they are being distributed. This transparency can help to build trust and credibility with donors, as they can see that their contributions are making a real impact. Additionally, using NFTs to raise funds can be more efficient than traditional fundraising methods, as there are fewer intermediaries involved in the process.

For example, the Plankton Chronicles Project collaborated with the electronic music artist Oceanvs Orientalis to release an exclusive NFT project “PLANKTON PLANET”. 100% of proceeds went to the organization Coral Guardian, a French NGO that aims to protect and restore coral reefs globally.

3. Reward your donors.

Offering some exclusive content, special merchandise, or free-to-claim NFTs as a reward for participation in the fundraising can be a great way to incentivize people to contribute.

For example, each buyer of the already mentioned NFT project “PLANKTON PLANET” by Oceanvs Orientalis was gifted a certificate of adoption of one coral reef, facilitated by the organization Coral Guardian. The geolocation of each individual coral was included in the metadata of each NFT. This way, the buyers were gifted with a unique and extraordinary thing for their support, making their contribution all the more meaningful.

Free-to-claim NFTs can also be an amazing way to reward your donors. These NFTs can be used to acknowledge and thank donors for their support and can serve as a unique and valuable token of appreciation. By claiming these NFTs, the contributors can support the cause, bring more attention to it, and own a unique digital collectible that has real value on the market.

4. Support your charity event with an NFT drop

If you have an upcoming charity event, NFTs can be used as a fundraising tool, where a portion of the proceeds from the sales of NFTs can be donated to the cause. This can help create a sense of purpose and community around the event, while also supporting a worthy cause.

For example, Pianity joined forces with the Ukranian Festival Vibronica to make an exclusive NFT release “Synergie,” featuring three talented Ukranian artists who performed during the festival in Paris. 60% of the profits went towards a charity organization in Kyiv, supporting the local population affected by the war.

Learn more about how NFTs can improve your events here.

Final Thoughts

And just like that, NFTs can take your fundraising campaign to the next level. By collaborating with artists, you can create exclusive NFTs that hold value and serve as a token of appreciation for your donors. Additionally, the transparency of NFT transactions can help build trust and credibility with your supporters, and the efficiency of the process can save time and resources. So if you're looking for a fresh and impactful way to fundraise for your mission-driven cause, consider incorporating NFTs into your strategy.

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