Good things always come in three! Did you like the two previous editions of the $PIAdventures? Pianity is back on Crew3 for more quests, more XP and more $PIA to win!

Get ready to join the Pianity Band, a serie of quests and challenges that will grant you a lot of $PIA! Each completed quest rewards you with some XPs, depending on the difficulty of the quest.

You participated in the previous editions?

Good news, the Leaderboard picks up where it left off, so you keep your acquired XP! People will receive their $PIA from the previous edition in the upcoming days. Don’t forget to link your Discord to your Pianity profile to receive your past and future rewards! To do so, go to settings in Pianity, enter your Discord handle and follow the steps.

It’s your first time on Crew3?

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to climb to the top of the Leaderboard thanks to our sprints that reset the score. This edition will be divided into several sprints, each of which will last 2 weeks.

Each month, the XP earned will be converted into $PIA for all participants.

Discover the quests:

A play-to-earn contest to earn $PIA

By joining the Pianity Band, you will have the possibility to earn $PIA through various social media or Pianity actions. 13 quests are currently online and while we’ll keep adding new ones each week, you can also submit yours! It might be published in the next few weeks!

There are quests that can be done only once, the Who’s John Galt? one for example. Once you have introduced yourself on our Discord server, you can claim your reward, but you won’t be able to complete the quest 2 times. Other quests are daily, weekly, or monthly, like the Give a warm welcome quest, where you have to welcome the new users in the #👥-introductions channel. These quests can be done as many times as you want.

The more quests you complete, the more new quests you unlock

One of the new features of this edition is that quests are now classified by level of difficulty: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Unlike in the $PIAdventure, you can no longer choose which mission to start with, you must complete the first one of the level to unlock the next one and so on.

The further you progress, the more challenging the level will be, and the more XP you’ll get. Each week, quests of all levels will be added.

Important information: all quests must be completed on or after the start date of this edition to be valid. For example, if you need to sell one or more of your NFTs on the secondary market to win XP, the sale must occur after the quest release date to be effective.

How to participate:

Every day, our team will review all the submitted proof and XPs will be credited to your account.

Good luck to all!



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