Following the recent profile page update, it is now the turn of the song page to be completely revamped, with a lot of new features and a new music player for you to enjoy even more music.

A brand new you page for your NFT!

What’s new:

  • Scarcities: each edition is now displayed in tiles, so it’s easier to see which NFT of each edition is available on the primary and the secondary market. For each NFT, you can see the different editions at a glance on the left, on top of the artist's picture.
  • Artists Collaboration: various artists can be displayed for each song, so if 2 or more artists collaborate, you’ll see all the artists involved on the left sidebar, and the NFT will appear in the release tab of each artist profile. This feature is currently available only for record labels, soon it will be available for all artists.
  • Downloadable content: If you’re on a song you own an NFT of, you’ll see a download button. With it, on desktop and mobile, you can download the cover artwork, the music file, and various visuals of your NFT that you can share on social media.
  • Unlockable content: on the tile of each edition, if there’s an unlockable content attached to the NFT, you’ll see an “unlockable content” sticker on the top right corner.
  • Like button: we added a like button so you can save a song. In the near future, it will help us to provide better recommendations on the market and build your music library.
  • Genre: right under the artist profile, you can see the genres of the music
  • Copyrights: the copyright section now shows the Record Label of the artist.

A new player to listen to more music

What’s new:

  • Next: you can skip a track and play the next one in the queue when you’re playing a song from the gallery page or user’s collection
  • Sharing: we added a sharing button on the player
  • Buy/vote: we added a new button on the player, if the song is available on the market, you’ll see a “Buy button” but if you’re listening to music in the Toplist, you’ll see a “Vote” button.
  • Collapse: you can minimize the player by clicking on the arrow on the right side, the player will only display the cover of the song being played on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Go to the market and have a look at the new song pages

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