We’ve updated the payment methods on Pianity: more currencies are available, and you can buy NFTs with Apple Pay or Google Pay on your mobile! It’s never been easier to buy NFTs!

Buy NFTs with Apple Pay and Google Pay

You can now buy NFTs on Pianity with Apple Pay and Google Pay directly on your device. A new button will appear when those methods are available during the checkout, after you confirm your buy or your bid.

Check below the compatibility of your device and browsers.

Go to the market and test it!

Compatible devices and browsers

Google Pay:

Chrome 61 or newer with a Google Pay card or a saved card — Apple Pay:


  • Safari with a recent (iOS 10.1 or macOS Sierra) device and a saved card in your wallet

GBP and JPY are now available

We’ve added two more currencies on Pianity: the Japanese Yen (JPY) and the British pound sterling (GBP). This not only affects the displayed currency, but it also allows you to pay directly in those currencies!

To change your currency, simply go to the bottom of any page on Pianity and click on the currency button in the footer, you can choose between EUR, USD, GBP, and JPY.

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