Sarkis Ricci's Improvisational Masterpiece "Life in 3'36," a Special NFT Release on Pianity

Renowned jazz pianist Sarkis Ricci is set to leave his mark on the NFT world with the release of his latest improvisational composition, "Life in 3'36," exclusively on Pianity. The song, accompanied by a stunning video clip, is released in 3 different levels of scarcity: 1, 10, and 100 NFT editions, each granting exclusive benefits to its owners. The song will be available on Pianity on June 9.

"Life in 3'36": A Fluid Dance of Melodies

The essence of "Life in 3'36" lies in its fluidity as it mirrors the unpredictability and richness of our experiences. This unique improvisational piece invites listeners into a fascinating journey, underscored by raw and evocative emotional depths.

NFT Scarcities and Exclusive Perks

What sets this release apart is its unique distribution model. "Life in 3'36" will be released in three distinct levels of scarcity: 1, 10, and 100 NFT editions, offering a wide range of exclusive benefits to their respective owners.

  • Unique - ten hours of one-on-one music lessons with Sarkis, one guest list access to any show of collector's choice, early access to the next release of the artist.
  • Legendary - one guest list access to any show of collector's choice.
  • Epic - early access to the next release of the artist.

An AI-Driven Visual Journey

This NFT is a synthesis of aural and visual artistry, featuring an AI-generated music video created by Franco-Iranian artist Yegan Mazandarani, a testament to the technical acumen of Alexandre Ribeiro. Reflecting on his improvisational piece, Sarkis said in a recent interview:

"The concept for 'Life in 3'36' emanates from the ups and downs of life. This improvised piece is a representation of life's unpredictability and richness. It's a creation dedicated to those who resonate with the raw and powerful emotions embedded in music."

A Testament to Collector Support: Propelling Creative Endeavors

Sarkis is no stranger to the Pianity platform or the NFT space. His earlier unique 15-minute composition, "Mediterranean Blues", was available exclusively in 100 NFTs. The funds generated from this successful release enabled Sarkis to finance his full album production and acquire his first piano. The upcoming release of "Life in 3'36" is anticipated to receive an equal, if not greater, level of support from collectors, fueling Sarkis's creative journey even further.

About Sarkis Ricci

Sarkis Ricci is a French-Armenian jazz artist and songwriter, and one of the most successful artists on Pianity to date. In his art Sarkis masterfully blends classical piano, jazz, and electronic music. Still a developing artist, Sarkis' success can be easily explained by his innovative compositions, evoking deep themes and emotions in his music.

About Pianity

Pianity is a music NFT platform – built on environmentally-conscious Arweave technology –  where musicians and their communities gather to create, sell, buy, and collect songs in limited editions, certified by blockchain technology. Pianity’s pioneering approach – which includes free listening for all – enables deeper connections between artists and audiences. Because Pianity treats music as fine art, artists can gain a new source of independent revenue while simultaneously enabling fans and collectors to grow and showcase their music collections.

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