Midem, the music industry's must-attend event, becomes MIDƐM+: an augmented, experiential and collaborative festival that places music at the heart of tomorrow's challenges. A true place of innovation, convergence and gathering of the music, creative industries and Web3 communities, this new model will be punctuated by concerts, showcases, talks, masterclasses, collaborative intelligence workshops, and networking sessions around a professional market.

The Cannes City Hall and its Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, organizers of Midem, are launching this new edition of MIDƐM+, which will be held from January 19 to 21, 2023 in Cannes.

Midem is back in Cannes

The world of music has changed. From the first digital formats to the resurrection of live music, Midem, the leading international platform of the music industry, has been the great witness of these changes.  
The City of Cannes and the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès are relaunching this event organized since 1967 in Cannes, and rely on the expertise of the HOPSCOTCH*, PANDA EVENTS* and PIANITY* for this.      
The new Midem will be designed by and for music professionals. Its ambition is to represent the entire global music ecosystem: artists, producers, managers, publishers, artist and label services, artistic directors, show producers, entrepreneurs, but also brands, media, researchers, engineers...
To this end, the MuSee+ (Music Seekers+) community will be created, the first business club and think tank of the music industry. It will initially gather the main decision makers of the sector who, as founders and associates of MuSee+, will participate in the definition of the editorial line and the DNA of MIDƐM+.

"Cannes City Hall is relaunching Midem to support the music industry and strengthen the city's economic dynamism and its leading position in the creative and cultural industries. The global event, under its new name MIDƐM+, must represent all music professionals but also promote the latest technological and artistic developments. It will be designed by and for the links of the music industry, with a large part made to the artists and their public." David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes
"All the professionals and trades of the international ecosystem will meet in Cannes to reflect and respond to the challenges of tomorrow. The MIDƐM+ will also give the floor to rare and inspiring personalities from all worlds.  MIDƐM+ has the ambition to be a place of reflection and anticipation to accompany the future of music's possibilities." Benoit Désveaux, CEO and member of the HOPSCOTCH Executive Board
"In light of past and future technological transformations, our ambition is to create a community representative of the music industry to design together the international reference event, to think about the future of music, and to lead all artists and professionals towards new creative and economic models. Web3 technologies offer unique opportunities for the music world. By creating this new community to design the new Midem, it will once again become a place of inspiration and innovation. Kevin Primicerio, CEO and co-founder of PIANITY
"With this new version of MIDƐM+, we wanted, with the Cannes City Hall and the Palais des Festivals, to put back at the center of the event a live program with many concerts, showcases, performances, intended not only for professionals but also for the general public. The "Live" will also be a vector of technological innovation (NFTs, Metaverse, AI, ...) allowing to strengthen the exclusive relationship that links the artist to his audience. MIDƐM+ is truly committed to being the showcase for the music of today and tomorrow." Benoit Geli, director/founder of PANDA EVENTS
Have already joined the MuSee+ COMMUNITY:
The artist Jean Michel Jarre and the decision makers of Deezer, Universal Music France, Chocolate City, VRROOM, GIGZ, SACEM, ADAMI, SCPP...
MIDƐM+ will be based on three pillars:

1. MIDƐM+ AGORA: a place of business, exchange and influence, the MIDƐM+ is more than ever an international market for music, for all music, bringing together all its stakeholders. Redesigned to be more spectacular and interactive, consisting of networking spaces, round tables, keynotes, the Agora is the heart of exchanges between communities.
2. MIDƐM+ LIVE: music is made to be experienced live at MIDƐM+, with concerts by emerging and established artists, open to the public, and immersive and innovative artistic experiences, using Web3 to make it resonate physically and digitally.
3. MIDƐM+ ACADEMY: the MIDƐM+, a place for reflection and foresight, also becomes a professional training space for artists and professionals.

The MIDƐM+23 will take place in Cannes from January 19 to 21, 2023. This first prefiguration edition will bring together those who make the music industry.  Following the MIDƐM+23, several meetings bringing together this community will be scheduled during 2023 that will allow to federate the music ecosystem and build the MIDƐM+24.

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