A few weeks ago, we launched PianityDAO as a step forward to a decentralized and community-driven platform. The first mission of the DAO at the moment is to vote for the tracks submitted by the artists to be released as an NFT on Pianity. In less than a month, over 400 tracks were submitted by artists from all around the world to PianityDAO. But to make it safe both for artists and collectors, we enabled members to report a track that doesn’t commit to our guidelines, and we implemented a new leaderboard to reward the most active Moderators.

A safe place for authentic content

We recently updated the voting system by replacing the downvote option with a report function. The downvoting was meant to be used as a moderation function for tracks that don’t commit to our guidelines, but to make moderation easier we implemented the report function instead.

To be released as NFT on Pianity, a track needs to be an original production from the artist, be exclusively available as an NFT on Pianity, and meet a few requirements. Now that we decentralized the artist curation, it is essential to maintain Pianity a marketplace for authentic content only. Each track submitted is reviewed by the members and our team before being minted on the marketplace. Anyone can report a track by clicking on the flag button 🚩 and choose the reason:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Track is available as an NFT elsewhere
  • Inappropriate content
  • Unfinished work
  • Hate speech
  • Other

If a song does not meet the required conditions, it will be removed from the waitlist.

Become the next Top Moderator and earn $PIA

To keep rewarding the most active members, we created a new Leaderboard for the Top Moderators. Each time a member reports a track that is subsequently deleted from the waitlist, the moderator gets 2 points. On the other hand, if a member reports a track that isn’t supposed to be removed, he loses a point.

As for the current leaderboards, each Sunday at midnight CET, the Top-3 who got the most points over the week receive:

🥇1st: 3000 $PIA

🥈2nd: 1500 $PIA

🥉3rd: 750 $PIA

Check out the waitlist and earn more $PIA


$PIA — Pianity’s Token

How Leaderboards work?

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