On September 21st, we launched our very first Giveaway toward the Arweave community!

With more than 11,000 participants over the ten days, we’re glad to welcome many more users and collectors. All the participants that completed the Gleam tasks will receive today their tokens in their wallets!

$100,000 giveaway and 1–1 reward

You had 2 ways of earning tokens during this Giveaway:

  • The first one was to create an account on Pianity, connect you wallet ArConnect, and then complete a series of social task on Gleam. For that, you’d receive $10 in tokens.
  • The second step was to buying NFTs on Pianity. No matter how much you’d spent on Pianity, we’d match your buying with our token on a 1–1 basis.

Over the ten days, we had more than 11,000 participants on the giveaway, and 2934 winners!

We distributed $100k to the winners as:

  • $30k for participants who successfully signed up with ArConnect.
  • $40k matching the buying and the NFT portfolio of each collector.
  • The remaining $30k to early adopters who already bought NFTs before the giveaway started.

$PIA Token

Originally named $PULSE for pre-launch reasons, the Pianity token will officially be named $PIA. Over the next few weeks, you will get to know everything about the $PIA utilities and will have many opportunities to win more.



Keep posted, the next chance to win more $PIA is tomorrow!

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