Pianity and Groover Obsessions team up to promote and develop NFTs for musicians

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Groover Obsessions, the streaming artist accelerator created by Groover, an innovative french platform that helps artists promote their music and connects them with industry professionals. As NFTs are disrupting the music industry and offering musicians a new source of revenue, this partnership aims to integrate NFTs into the careers of artists who already benefit from Groover’s support. The Groover Obsessions Collection will be available on Pianity starting Tuesday 7th of September.

The auctions will begin at 12pm CEST here

Creating a new ecosystem around NFTs to make them accessible to all artists

Launched in July 2021, Pianity is the first and only French NFT music platform where musicians and their community can create, sell, buy and collect limited edition tracks certified by blockchain technology. NFTs give back control of the value of their work, meanwhile, fans support their artists by purchasing a reproduction with a unique certificate of authenticity, impossible to counterfeit, but that can be kept, exchanged or sold. The NFT’s value will then increase depending on the number of editions, its scarcity, the exclusive contents associated, and the artist’s community.

For Kevin Primicerio, co-founder of Pianity, “thanks to NFTs, we offer artists a way to create value around music. It is a new source of income, opportunity, and independence for musicians. Our goal is to bring this new technology to the entire music industry and to create an ecosystem that takes into account new formats and new uses to develop artistic careers.”

Integrate NFTs to develop exclusive tracks and improve artists’ revenue

In less than 3 years of existence, Groover has established itself as a significant player in promoting and connecting artists and music professionals. Through an innovative system that guarantees to more than 50.000 user artists to be listened to, they received more than 700,000 feedback on their tracks from the 1,200 media and active professionals. These connections have led to more than 150,000 sharing opportunities (articles, radio broadcasts, etc.) and more than 300 signatures in label, publishing, or management for the platform’s artists.

In parallel with its international development — more than 50% of the activity is made outside France, particularly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy … -, the young company accompanies artists further in the consolidation and evolution of their projects. In 2021, Groover launched Groover Obsessions, the first artist accelerator for the best artists discovered on the platform. Already 20 artists benefit from operational and personalized support, leading to decisive opportunities to develop their careers.

“In our perpetual quest for the best solutions to accelerate the careers of Groover and Groover Obsessions artists, it seemed natural for us to better understand and integrate NFTs by partnering with Pianity” said Dorian Perron, co-founder of Groover. While the demand and interest for this new format continue to grow, which offers interesting opportunities, nevertheless, the success of an NFT requires strategies and specific support that we’ll provide to our artists together with Pianity.”

4 artists accelerated by Groover Obsessions will release the first NFT Groover Obsession release

To mark the beginning of this collaboration, 4 exclusive tracks by artists accompanied by Groover will be auctioned as NFTs. 4 NFTs will be auctioned as a single edition for 48 hours on Pianity. Each of these will include exclusive additional content:

  • Arvida (Acoustic) by Metò, an unreleased indie folk version of the Quebec musician accompagborn from a visual made exclusively for the occasion

This NFT comes with an authentic portrait (10x15cm) of Arvida, as well as a limited edition of the vinyl record of the EP Alstroemeria

  • Les anges de Nedelko, a preview of the flagship single of the upcoming album of the rapper and singer of the Animalerie.

This edition includes the master file of “Les Anges”, as well as those of the album”Urizen”1 month before its official release, 2 tickets for the release party of Urizen at Hasard Ludique on September 22, 2021 in Paris, and a copy of an exclusive unpublished silkscreen print

This edition includes the master file of Heaven (Live) and Ride (Live), 2 tickets for the next Ninety’s Story concert in Paris, a t-shirt and a Groover Obsessions tote bag

The collector of this NFT will receive the white limited edition vinyl record with a splash of orange and signed from the next album, “Au revoir cowboys”, as well as two tickets for the next concert of Mort Rose

These exclusive NFT titles will also be sold on Pianity in a limited edition of 10 copies and at a fixed price (30 euros).


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